WXO New Member Assessment

WXO Membership is by invitation and application.

Please help us to assess if the WXO is right for you, and if you are right for the WXO, by answering these questions.

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Mention as few or as many experience sectors as you like.

About You

Please be as clear as possible and include links where you can.
You could mention here: How many years in experiences? Size, type & sophistication of experiences you stage? Experience education?

Please tell us about THREE experiences you've been involved with.

We welcome experts from across the Experience Economy ecosystem: experience designers, producers, promoters, operators, investors, strategists. Together, we will build better better experiences. * If you are an "Emerging Talent" and have not been involved with 3 experiences, you're welcome to be creative here.
eg, awards, books, published papers, original frameworks

As Well As Creative, Are You Curious Too?

We've found that the WXO's Founding Members are not only creative, but also curious. Please help us assess this by answering these questions, adapted from the Five-Dimensional Curiosity (5DC) Scale.