Event Partners

Remote (London)
We are looking for London based partners for an upcoming event.
Venue: Magazine London
Address: 11 Ordnance Cres, London SE10 0JH London
Event Date: November 16-17, 2022

Partner capability and services needed. Partner can supply one or all services:

(printing, delivery, installation, removal)
P1) Outdoor graphics on pavement
P2) Fabric printing for large convention signage
P3) Vinyl printers for large scale prints (~6x8m size)

 (Design/build, transport, installation, strike)
F1) Backlit dimensional signage; ~2×1 meter area
F2) LED Neon signage, responsive or static; ~2×1 meter area
F3) Responsive or static, hanging LED strip display; to cover 12x8m area or ~200m of LED strips
F4) Circular trade show/furniture grade room partitions in wood, frosted glass/acrylic, and/or fabric wrapped; 7 meter diameter x 6 meter high
F5) Freestanding trade show walls, ~6m high x 8m wide

 (consultation, equipment rental, installation, mapping, onsite maintenance, strike)
AV1) Interior projection mapping onto 200m2 area AV2) Gobo or similar lighting design for 200m2 area (consultation, equipment rental, installation, mapping, onsite maintenance, strike)
AV3) Passive and touchscreen display rental (~60″+) with stands (portrait orientation)
AV4) Lighting designer for trade show/event lighting
AV5) LED wall rental;1.5-3.5mm pitch; stock available for 75m2 of displays
AV6) Live event lighting/sound engineer

Event Rental
 (deliver, installation, removal)
R1) Trade show/event/office furniture rental
R2) Soundproof phone booths or individual meeting pods
R3) Stage platform, ~300m2
R4) Pipe and drape, 40m+ linear availability