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WXO Services

Keynotes & workshops

Many in our wide network of CoFounders and Founding Members — including our CEO, James Wallman — regularly give inspiring keynotes with practical takeaways: for major brands, startups, and conferences, from San Francisco to Shanghai, from Disneyland Paris to KPMG, from TED and TEDx. We also compere and moderate conferences, and can curate and stage memorable events built around our experience experts.

Experience advisory

Our CoFounders and Founding Members have thousands of years of experience and expertise in creating experiences, from CX to UX, from making beginnings brilliant, to making endings that sear into the audience’s memory. If you have an experience challenge, and you’re not sure who to turn to, we have an A-Team of advisors who can help.

Sweet Shoppe, James Wallman

Experience Audit

We offer a unique, informed and expert view on any experience you’ve created or are creating. We will identify what works, and where you can make it better.

Based on a mix of the latest science, the latest best-practice insights, a wide knowledge of what works and what doen't across different experience sectors, this service is closely informed by the WXO's work reviewing experiences, and creating a certification / quality assurance system.

Search & Selection

Experience has become one of the business buzzwords for a reason. Services have become commoditised. The best way to stand out is through experiences. (If you feel that statement needs some explaining, get in touch!) While we firmly believe that the skills and techniques in each experience sector are incredibly transferable, we also realise each project might require different specific skillsets. With our deep knowledge of the experience sectors, and access to sector experts — especially in, but not limited to, the WXO Black Book — we are in a unique position to guide you to find the best experience creator or creators for your project.