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… the WXO Experience Certification / Classification.

 And if you’d like a little more explanation…

Why Does Certification Matter?

We think assessment matters for one simple reason: when everyone claims to be offering an experience, how can a person distinguish the good from the bad?

Just as there are rating systems for commodities, goods and services, so in an era of the Experience Economy, we need to evaluate and compare experiences.

Think of a commodity like beef: in the US, there are 8 grades, from U.S. Canner at the bottom up to U.S. Prime at the top. 

Then, think of hospitality industry with restaurant and hotel guides like from the AA and tourist board guides to Forbes and Zagat’s. In wine, there’s wine rating. 

Now, in the experience economy, we need a rating system that’s defined by experience economy experts, that ensures and promotes quality across the industry, and that signals to consumers where they should spend their money and time.

Hey, we recognize there are tensions here. Some experiences are far more art than others. Aren’t some things best left alone, especially things that are inherently, decidedly, undubitably subjective? Ah, but they said that temperature once…

More important: we’re not trying to be right here. We’re trying to support the birth, growth, trajectory of the Experience Economy, because that’ll be good for all, creators and experiencers of those creations.  

 Thanks in advance for your assistance making this happen,

James Wallman