Membership Application: Part 2

OK, let’s get into the details

So your answers go with the other things you’ve told us
What are the questions that keep you awake at night? Current challenges and questions causing that 3AM stare at the ceiling

OK, tell us a bit about the organization you work for

How well does your team play the experience game?
You could mention here: How many years operating? Number of experiences produced? Size of budgets you work with? Size of teams producing experiences?

Now, back to you

On a scale of ‘Student’ to ‘Expert’, how would you rate yourself?
You could mention here: How many years in experiences? Size, type & sophistication of experiences you stage? Experience education?

Now, tell us about 3 experiences you’ve worked on

We welcome experts from across the Experience Economy ecosystem: experience designers, producers, promoters, operators, investors, strategists. Together, we will build better better experiences. * If you are a Student or an “Emerging Talent” and have not been involved with 3 experiences, you’re welcome to be creative here.