Pioneer Ultimate Access Level 1

$13,499.00 / year

  • 1 x Annual Keynote / Workshop on experience design: created by the team at the WXO,
    delivered by the CEO, experience author and designer James Wallman.

    • Keynote / Workshop will be:
      • bespoke according to your challenges and opportunities
      • delivered remotely
      • up to 50 attendees
      • in person and more people are possible, but incur additional fees
  • Campfires: hear from pioneers who are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible; learn new ways to create better experiences based on the cutting-edge art and science of experience design
    Connect in person with experience creators, producers, promoters from the same, adjacent, and completely different experience sectors

    • For ease of access, Campfires are held on Zoom, every week
      NPS for Campfires is 75 – a score considered “world class” and “best of the best”, reflecting not only the talks but the conversation and ideas that flow afterwards
  • Campfire Catch-up Videos
  • Experience Connections 24/7
  • Black Book
  • WXO Explorer Member badge
PlaceholderPioneer Ultimate Access Level 1
$13,499.00 / year