Student Monthly Membership

$9.99 / month

What’s included

  • Campfire Catchup Videos: view all Full Member Campfire videos today, tomorrow, when you’re researching for a project, whenever, wherever suits you – essential insights to advance your experience expertise
  • Emerging Talent / Student Campfires:
    • Hear and learn from pioneers who are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible; and to learn new ways to create better experiences based on the cutting-edge art and science of experience design
    • Connect in person with other Emerging Talent & Experience Design Students across the Experience Economy and around the world
    • To make them as easy to access for all, Campfires are held on Zoom
    • 9 per year (minimum), one per month during Campfire Season (Feb-Mar, April-July, Sep-Nov)
  • Black Book: personal listing in the world’s first and only directory for the Experience Economy
  • WXO Student badge: upgrade your personal brand by displaying your WXO Student Member badge on your website, email, etc [note that this is a new offer, and this badge will be made available by late February 2023
  • Early access to the inaugural World Experience Summit, to be held in London in June 28-30, 2023, where Global Experience professionals meet in person.

Why join the WXO

  • Raise your profile and status by contributing to this sector you care about and operate in: by joining you have a chance to influence the direction of the Experience Economy by joining our Committees, eg the WIX (Women In Experience) Committee; the ROX (Return on Experience) Committee etc
  • Learn from the best: Emerging Talent & Student Campfires are open to full Expert and Explorer Members of the WXO, with the expectation that they will want to come meet with / hear from the next generation… after all, new blood brings new ideas! And this is a highly creative industry where wild / bad ideas are prized. How else to move things forward? (OK, good ideas have their place too, but you know what we mean 🙂
  • Fast-track to a full WXO Membership: We see this is a ‘fast-track’ / ‘on-ramp’ to the main WXO Membership. Graduate from this to our Emerging Talent membership, then onto full membership and attend the WXO Campfires in the future. With our Students, we reassess every 12 months
PlaceholderStudent Monthly Membership
$9.99 / month