Why Attend?


CONNECT With Experts

The Summit will be buzzing with experience thinkers and doers. Makers and shakers. Authors, designers, operators and investors. All of them looking to learn, share, and upgrade their experience network, just like you.

Connect and collaborate through curated, informal, and serendipitous moments, all designed for you to connect intimately and authentically with experience friends and colleagues both old and new.

LEARN New Tools

Uncover tools, techniques and tips from leaders in the Art, Science, and Business of experiences. Think creative directors and technologists, experience designers and architects, artists, entrepreneurs, investors, show writers, psychologists, neuroscientists, and beyond.

Expand your ‘Experience Design Toolkit’ with insights, techniques, and tools  from the same, similar, adjacent, and utterly opposite experience sectors.

SHARE Your Ideas

Our agenda is ‘TBCC’: To Be Co-Created. Share your frameworks and your f**k-ups, your challenges and questions, your experiments and passion projects – and then get feedback and support from a non-competitive, inclusive, and very collaborative community.

Whether you lead a workshop, take the floor at the Unconference, or help shape our closing event, there’ll be plenty of opportunity to show just what you’re capable of.

What’s On?



Experience Workshops

Learn how to design, make, operate, and promote successful experiences from other experience experts. Take part in innovation and experience design workshops, and prototype experience concepts with pioneers from all sectors.

The Unconference

The Experience Economy is alive with innovative creators. So this stage will be shared: everyone’s invited to share their case studies, failures, and opinions. Start a discussion or have a rant. Share a new approach, try out a new idea, or teach a technique.

Big Ideas, Weird Ideas, Experience Trends

TED-style talks on the Art, Science, Business and Future of Experiences – with emerging trends like Functional Experiences & Experience Districts – from both household names and geniuses you haven’t heard of (yet). 

Speed-Dating vs Match-Making

Did someone say gamified, experiential networking? Connect with experience experts in one of our quick-fire mixers. And if “networking” makes you queasy, opt in for curated introductions.

Experiential Socials

The best connections and most business decisions happen at the bar or on the dancefloor. There will be plenty of opportunities to hang out, dress up, dress down, and even – because the neuroscience is hard to ignore – dance and sing. The Summit closes with a co-created event.

Pop-Ups And  Prototypes

Limited-edition, multi-sensory, experiential pop-ups from around the world. Never-seen-before experience prototypes. And experience creators pitching their new ideas.

Immersive Experiences

Visit a handpicked selection of London’s most exciting experiences with your new experience friends. After, we’ll analyse the good and the bad of what you saw, and which techniques you might use in your own work.


The best experiences are active, not passive. So our agenda is a work in progress and ‘To Be Co-Created’ with attendees. We’re hosting sessions to co-curate, co-design, and co-create the Summit. Proposals are now closed.

Who’s Speaking?


Jasmin Jodry

Creative director. Crafts innovative, immersive experiences that combine storytelling, world-building, performance, technology and gaming for clients like Capital One, Range Rover and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Joe Pine

Experience Economy Godfather. Not only coined the term “Experience Economy”, but wrote the book on it, too. An author, speaker, and management advisor to Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurial start-ups alike.


Brad Shelton

Vice President & Creative Director, BRC Imagination Arts. Creates work for clients including Johnnie Walker Princes Street, Guinness Storehouse, the World of Coca-Cola, Jameson Distillery Bow St., the Ravinia Festival, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.



Michael Acton Smith

Co-Founder, Calm. The multi-billion dollar wellbeing app Calm was founded on a mission to make the world healthier and happier.

Stacy Barton

Show & Narrative Writer. Develops the story concept, narrative treatment, and script for immersive experiences, theme park attractions, stage shows and spectacles for clients including Disney.


Carnelian King

Experience Designer. Creates personalized roleplaying experiences that offer a playful exploration of narrative and identity, including renting a German castle for 50 participants.




Henry Coutinho-Mason

Futurist & Author. A reluctant futurist helping you ask better questions about your future, by looking at the now.

Tom Lionetti-Maguire

CEO, Little Lion Entertainment. Creator of immersive theatrical and video-game experiences including The Crystal Maze Live Experience(s), Tomb Raider Live Experience and Chaos Karts.


Ellie Carter Ames

Creative Director, SGA Productions. Creates live experiences for the biggest entertainment brands in the world and the family market, including Aardman Animation.


Martha Newson

Cognitive Anthropologist. Researches human connections, behaviours, and feelings of belonging around the world – for example, for the Ministry of Justice to better understand how football interventions can help fuse ‘positive prison gangs’.

Julian Rad

Creative Director. Has realized experiences about cloud computing, built immersive environments about AI, unleashed theatrical stories about design, designed emotional journeys about products, and manifested staged tableaux about whales and imaginary planets.


Victoria Taylor

Travel & Hospitality Designer. Helps travel, hospitality, luxury and entertainment brands to become ‘The Only’ in experience delivery.


Who Should Come?

Visionaries & Leaders

Our members’ titles inc CEO, CXO, SVP, EVP, Founder, Author, Professor, Head of Events, Head of CX, Chef de Projet, Director of Strategy, VP of Experiential

Designers & Operators

Our members’ titles inc Immersive Experience Designer, Creative Technologist, Exec Producer, Game Designer, Director, Interactive Art Director, Light Artist, Storyteller

Producers & Promoters

Our members’ titles inc Curator, Visitor Experience Manager, VP of Marketing, Head of Growth, Sales Director, Brand Strategist

All Experience Economy Sectors Welcome.

Whether you call them users, consumers, employees, guests, participants, players, audience – they’re all humans. So the tools, techniques, and skills in each sector are highly transferable to other experience sectors.

If want to stay up to date with the latest techniques; if you want to upgrade your experience toolkit with sharper, better calibrated tools to stay ahead of your competitors and stage better experiences – the World Experience Summit will be time well spent, and time well invested.

EXPERIENCE SECTORS include Immersive Experiences (Cinema / Theatre / Art / etc) | Experiential Marketing| VR | AR | XR | Metaverse | Gaming | Experiential Retail | Digital Experiences (DX) | User Experience (UX) | Customer Experience (CX) | Employee Experience (EX) | Luxury Experience | Education | Healthcare | Themed attractions | Location-Based Experiences (LBE) | Museums & Attractions inc Zoos | Fan Experience | Participatory Sports & Recreation | Events (Music, B2C, B2B) | Competitive Socializing | Human Potential & Wellbeing | Travel & Tourism | F&B | Hospitality | Experience Management (XM) | Education | Architecture & Urban Planning

Some of the brands who’ll be there:


3-Day Passes available below.

Day passes available here.

Choose your pass:

Solo Creator

$995 $1,295 / Full Fare
  • For creators of experiences who work on their own
  • Connect with creators like you
  • Meet future collaborators
  • Find work opportunities
  • Stay ahead of your competitors
  • Learn how to build with low/no budget
  • Get feedback on your ideas
  • Save even more when you come with colleagues


$1,295 $1,695 / Full Fare
  • For Creators in the Experience Economy who design, build, operate, and promote experiences
  • Lead the Experience Economy
  • Connect with thought leaders
  • Teach the next generation
  • Find business opportunities
  • Stay ahead of your competitors
  • Learn how to scale your experiences
  • Save even more when you come with colleagues


$1,595 $1,995 / Full Fare
  • For brands / agencies / suppliers who see the power of experiences to impact profit, planet & people
  • Connect with thought leaders
  • Be seen as an Experience pioneer
  • Learn tech, trends & techniques
  • Stay ahead of your competitors
  • Find expert creative partners
  • Upgrade your (global) experience network
  • Save even more when you come with colleagues



Now available for the World Experience Summit. Join us for one or two days
and you’ll still get to Connect, Learn, and Share with the world’s experience commununity
at inspiring workshops, engaging conversations, and intriguing networking opportunities.



Important Notes


  • Tickets: are non-refundable and exchangeable. If you cannot attend, you can pass your ticket to someone else.
  • Honesty Bar Policy: When you buy a ticket, please ensure you’re buying the right one for you. We operate a pretty relaxed ‘Honesty Bar’ policy, but if you buy the wrong ticket, we’ll ask you to pay the difference.
  • Tax: because the event is in the UK, we have to charge a business tax of 20% called VAT (value added tax). 
  • Pay Less When You Come With Colleagues Because the science – and we love the science of experience design – is clear: you, me, we all live longer, happier, more successful lives through relationships, so we’re encouraging people to come in groups by offering deep discounts for when you buy two or more tickets. 

* Images on this page are from Phantom Peak, The Gunpowder Plot, Avora, and the Nomadic School of Wonder
(Photo of ceremony in Santa Fe by Kate Russell. Photo of ‘adventure in awe’ ritual at Fogo Island by Marielle Caza).


We’re hosting the World Experience Summit at a place that’s out of this world, and inside another…

Phantom Peak

Canada St, Surrey Quays Rd, SE16 7PJ

An extraordinary event needs an extraordinary venue. 

With more than 1,000 five-star reviews since launching in 2022, Phantom Peak has earned its reputation as the world’s first immersive theme park and the best immersive experience in London. (We happen to agree – read our review here.)

So we’re thrilled to announce Phantom Peak as the official venue for the inaugural World Experience Summit. 

With plenty of immersive spaces for off-grid conversation, connection and collaboration, we can’t think of a better setting to inspire, entertain and educate our global community of experience experts.