The WXO proudly presents…

World Experience Summit

The first global gathering of experience pioneers. From the World Experience Organization.

June 28-30, 2023 – London, UK

Ignite The Experience Revolution.

The world stands on the brink of incredible transformation, as humankind makes the leap from materialism to experientialism.

Now, for the first time ever, curated Experience Economy pioneers from around the globe and across sectors will come together at the World Experience Summit to define the future of experiences.


Join the global experience community at the inaugural Summit and you’ll:

      • Connect and collaborate with other Experience Economy experts.

      • Discover radical ideas about the Art, Science and Business of experiences.

      • Learn how to stage more successful, profitable, and sustainable experiences.

      • Share in our collective purpose of writing the next chapter of the Experience Revolution.


    There’ll only ever be one first World Experience Summit. Will you be part of it?

    Very limited places available. 



    Why Attend?


    1. CONNECT With Experience Pioneers.

    The Summit will be buzzing with experience thinkers and doers. Makers and shakers. Authors, designers, operators and investors. All of them looking to learn, share, and upgrade their experience network, just like you.

    Collide through curated, informal, and serendipitous moments, all designed for you
    to connect intimately and authentically with experience friends and colleagues both old and new.

    2. LEARN New Experience Design Skills.

    Uncover tools, techniques and tips from leaders in the Art, Science, and Business of experiences. Think creative directors and technologists, experience designers and architects, artists, entrepreneurs, investors, show writers, psychologists, neuroscientists, and beyond.

    Replenish your Experience Design Toolkit with tools from the same, similar, adjacent, and utterly opposite experience sectors.

    3. SHARE Your Experience Ideas.

    Our agenda is TBCC: To Be Co-Created. Share your frameworks and your f**k-ups, your challenges and questions, your experiments and passion projects – and then get feedback and support from a non-competitive, inclusive, and very collaborative community.

    Whether you lead a workshop, take the floor at the Unconference, or help shape our closing event, there’ll be plenty of opportunity to show just what you’re capable of.


    What’s On?

    Experience Workshops

    Learn how to design, make, operate, and promote successful experiences from other experience experts. Take part in innovation and experience design workshops, and prototype experience concepts with pioneers from all sectors.

    The Unconference

    The Experience Economy is alive with innovative creators. Therefore this stage will be shared one: everyone’s invited to share their case studies, failures, and opinions. Start a discussion or have a rant. Share a new approach, try out a new idea, or teach a technique.

    Big Ideas, Weird Ideas & Experience Trends

    TED-style talks on the Art, Science, Business and Future of Experiences, from both household names and geniuses you haven’t heard of (yet).

    Speed-Dating vs Match-Making

    Did someone say gamified, experiential networking? Connect with experience experts in one of our quick-fire mixers. And if “networking” makes you queasy, opt in for curated introductions.

    Experiential Socials

    The best connections and most business decisions happen at the bar or on the dancefloor. There will be plenty of opportunities to hang out, dress up, dress down, and even – because the neuroscience is hard to ignore – dance and sing. The Summit closes with a TBCC event on Friday night.

    Pop-Ups And Prototypes

    Limited-edition, multi-sensory, experiential pop-ups from around the world, and never-seen-before experience prototype try-outs.

    Immersive Experiences

    Visit a handpicked selection of London’s most exciting experiences with your new experience friends. After, we’ll analyse the good and the bad of what you saw, and which techniques you might use in your own work.


    Our agenda is a work in progress and To Be Co-Created with attendees. Applications for proposals are now open.


    Who’ll Be There?

    Visionaries & Leaders

    CEO, CXO, SVP, EVP, Founder, Author, Professor, Head of Events, Head of CX, Chef de Project, Director of Strategy, Zoölogical Director, VP of Experiential…

    Designers & Operators

    Immersive Experience Designer, Creative Technologist, Exec Producer, Game Designer, Director, Interactive Art Director, Light Artist, Storyteller…

    Producers & Promoters

    Curator, Visitor Experience Manager, VP of Marketing, Head of Growth, Sales Director, Brand Strategist…

    All 25 Experience Economy Sectors Welcome.

    It doesn’t matter what you call them. It doesn’t matter which experience sector you work in – entertainment, education, travel, hospitality, UX, CX, EX, AR, VR, theme parks, experiential marketing – the people you’re designing for are… people.

    So if you work in experiences and are interested in innovation in experiences, The World Experience Summit is for you.

    Immersive Experiences (Cinema / Theatre / Art / etc), Experiential Marketing, VR, AR, XR, Metaverse, Gaming, Experiential Retail, Digital Experiences (DX), User Experience (UX), Customer Experience (CX), Employee Experience (EX), Luxury Experience, Education, Healthcare, Themed attractions, Location-Based Experiences (LBE), Museums & Attractions inc Zoos & Aquaria, Fan Experience, Participatory Sports & Recreation, Live Events (Music, B2C, B2B etc), Competitive Socializing, Wellbeing & Human Potential, Travel & Tourism, F&B, Hospitality, Experience Management (XM), Education, Architecture & Urban Planning.

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