4 Immersive Experiences That Show London Is Back In Business

London, baby! After a long, long 18 months, lockdown restrictions are currently lifting and the capital is back in business, with a whole host of immersive events planned for experience-thirsty Londoners.

We’ve already given you our review of the Royal Opera House’s Current, Rising – now here’s our pick of some of our other favourite experiences lighting up the city.

1. Monopoly Lifesized

For all those who have ever dreamed of owning property in Mayfair, now’s your chance.

This 15m x 15m version of the classic board game offers challenges including trying to stage a heist in London’s most exclusive postcodes, competing against a clock to build some of London’s iconic buildings, solving a baffling murder mystery, or stepping into the world of codebreakers. The immersive experience combines escape-room challenges with state-of-the-art technology for an amped-up version of the family favourite. So, ready, steady… do NOT pass Go.

Opens August 14. Book tickets here

2. Chaos Karts

Anyone who grew up in the 90s will have lost more than a few hours cursing lightning bolts, hurling shells and feeling the pain of being pipped to first place in the videogame Mario Kart.

Chaos Karts brings the experience to life (minus the being blown up) with immersive themed race circuits that are like a video game in real life. The experience comes complete with varying track designs, a fully reactive and drivable electric kart and most importantly, usable in-kart power-ups and weapons that will allow you to ‘battle’ right up to the finishing line.

Opens August 14. Book tickets here

3. Money Heist: The Experience

Money Heist The Experience

This collaboration with Netflix is based on the hit series Money Heist, and gives participants the opportunity to indulge their dark side by taking place in a heist in one of London’s most iconic locations. After an hour of masking up, costumes and live actors, aspiring con artists can also hang out in a themed bar, drink custom cocktails and buy merch to take home.

Opens November. Book tickets here

4. Ryoji Ikeda at 180 The Strand

180 Studios is hosting the largest exhibition of the artist Ryoji Ikeda’s work ever staged. The production is an immersive, sensory journey and a “subterranean exploration of sound and light”, including the world premiere of Ikeda’s data-verse trilogy – a towering, triple-screen immersive project, and a site-specific, synapse-splitting new iteration of test pattern.

Open May 20 – August 1. Book tickets here

We’d like to end with two questions:

  1. What did we miss?
  2. How is the post-pandemic bounceback shaping up in your city? If you’re in Milan or Miami, Paris or Pennsylvania, get in touch to tell us about the extraordinary experiences taking place in your part of the world.