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  • Membership fees
  • Attend Campfires
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  • Access Private Members Network
  • Listing in Black Book Directory
  • Display WXO Member Badge
  • Number of Member Passes
  • Bespoke Annual Keynote


Small firm

Revenue up to $250k


Medium firm

Revenue $250k-$2m


Large firm

Revenue $2m+

* Membership dues correct March 2024, but subject to change.

** If you’ve arrived on this page by chance, and you have not yet received approval from the WXO Membership Committee, STOP! Do NOT sign up. Instead, either go to the Application Form, or wait till you’ve heard. (We will refund any money received this way, less an admin charge and the payment processing fees.) 

More Details

  • Campfires

    Upgrade your experience network and toolkit by attending our flagship, live, exclusive events on Zoom. Campfires are idea-led, expert-only, weekly.

  • PlayLabs

    PlayLabs are our monthly workshops where you get to play and practice using experience design tools. Open to all members, including the 'next generation' of creators: Junior, Emerging Talent and Student members.

  • Campfires On-Demand

    Instant, anytime access to 70+ videos featuring experience experts sharing tools, techniques from the Art, Science and Business of Experience.

  • Guaranteed Access

    Guaranteed access to our Campfire reports. Ideal to learn tools and techniques shared at the almost 200 Campfires and PlayLabs we've hosted since March 2021.

  • Bespoke Annual Keynote

    Also available. Designed to bring you/your team up to speed on the key tools/insights to support your work. Created by the WXO team. Based on the 200 Campfires/PlayLabs since 2021. Please ask for details.

  • Private Members Site

    Share your ideas & challenges, with the WXO's global network of 630+ members in 38 countries. Open 24/7... NEWS! The WXO private members platform has been awarded “Platinum Community” status by the tech platform it's built on. Of the 8,500 communities they run, the WXO community is one of the top 10% for engagement.

  • Black Book Directory

    Be seen with the trailblazers of the experience world. 7,000+ views per year.

  • Guaranteed Entry

    Members have a place guaranteed at the annual World Experience Summit... NEWS! The inaugural World Experience Summit was hailed as "Best of 2023" and a "Case Study in Event Excellence" by Skift Meetings.

  • WXO Member Badge

    Proudly display your WXO membership and add kudos to your brand on your company website, emails, in presentations, at exhibitions etc

The Experience Network

630+ members from the world's leading, most exciting, and most innovative experience brands.

Global Network

Connect with a unique community of cross-sector experts in 38 countries.

Transferable Tools

Learn best and emerging practice, new approaches, and cutting-edge tools in the Art, Science, and Business of Experience from all experience sectors — then bring them back to your world to make stand-out experiences.

Sharing Deep Insights

Ideas and insights from a unique cross-sector community

Upgrade Your Experience Toolkit

Relevant, practical ideas you won't get anywhere else, from a friendly, inclusive community of experience innovators

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