The WXO Is The Experience Network

730+ members from the world's most innovative experience brands equals a unique, powerful network that mixes the magic with the money, the creative with the commercial

Global Network

Connect with a unique community of cross-sector experts in 40 countries on 6 continents - and keep up with what's new, what's hot, and what's next in experiences around the world

Transferable Tools

Learn emerging practice, new approaches, and cutting-edge tools in the Art, Science, Business, Tech and Impact of Experience from all experience sectors — then bring them back to your business to make stand-out experiences that make people feel more alive, that make more money, and that positively impact society and the planet

Deep Insights

Inspiring, practical insights from a global, cross-sector network of professionals

Upgrade Your Experience Toolkit

Ideas you can use today from a friendly, inclusive community of experience innovators

What You Get When You & Your Team Join

  • Campfires

    Connect with fellow expert, and add tools to your toolkit when you attend our flagship, live, exclusive, informal 'Campfires'. Held *every week* (except holidays) on Zoom. Featuring an expert talk & discussion in the main room & breakouts on what this means for you / your work, Campfires are for experience experts only to maintain the level of conversation & connection.

  • PlayLabs

    Like Campfires, but even more practical and playful, PlayLabs are monthly workshops where you get to practice new experience design tools with your fellow experience professionals. Open to all members, including the 'next generation' of creators: Junior, Emerging Talent and Student members.

  • Campfires On-Demand

    Can't make it to Campfire this week? No worries: access the recording at a time that works for you. Plus when you join, you'll get instant access to all Campfire recordings since WXO Campfires began in March 2021. Watch on your own or with your team, then figure out how you can use the ideas in your work. (This is an exceptional experience education resource for newbies and experts alike.)

  • Guaranteed Access

    Guaranteed access to our Campfire reports. Ideal to learn tools and techniques shared at the 200 Campfires and PlayLabs we've hosted since March 2021.

  • Set Industry Standards

    The WXO's mission is not only to connect & serve, but also to build the experience industries: via initiatives on Experience Rating / Certification, Return on Experience, Accessibility, Diversity - eg, the Women In Experience (WIX) Committee. When you join the WXO, you are able to join - and perhaps lead - our Councils and Committees dedicated to building a better Experience Economy.

  • Access To The World Experience Circle

    Open 24/7, World Experience Circle app is where expert members share news, new experiences & work opportunities, ask questions, & organize meetups. Good to know: the World Experience Circle has been awarded “Platinum Community” status by the tech platform it's built on. Of their 8,500 communities, the WXO community is in the top 10% for engagement.

  • Listing In The World Experience Directory

    Be recognized as an experience pioneer & seen with the trailblazers of the experience world. 7,000+ views per year. Listings are for Organizations or Individuals, depending on membership.

  • WXO Member Badge

    Proudly display your experiential credentials to your clients with your WXO member's badge.

  • Guaranteed Entry

    Members get guaranteed places at the annual World Experience Summit. The World Experience Summit 2023 was hailed as "Best of 2023" and a "Case Study in Event Excellence" by Skift Meetings. The World Experience Summit 2024 sold out.

  • Bespoke Annual Keynote

    Available for Pioneer Pass members. Crafted to bring your teams up to speed on the key tools/insights to support your work. Created by the WXO. Based on the 200 Campfires/PlayLabs since 2021. Please ask for details.

You've Passed The Hard Bit.
Now, There's Just 2 Steps Left To Join The WXO

  • Apply to join

    Fill out & submit an application form

  • Choose your tier

    Identify the best membership for you / your team - ask us if you're unsure

  • Hear back from the WXO Membership Committee

    We consider all applications carefully, and will get back to you as soon as we can

  • YOU ARE HERE > Select & Start Your Free Trial

    Your application is successful, now select your membership and start your 14-day trial

  • Join the community, come to Campfire

    Follow the onboarding course, introduce yourself, and put a Campfire in your calendar & start connecting...

Choose Your Membership Tier



  • 1. Pioneer Pass
  • 2. All Team Pass
  • 3. Large Team Pass
  • 4. Medium Team Pass
  • 5. Small / Startup Team Pass
  • 6. Company Expert Pass
  • 7. Individual Expert Pass
  • 8. Emerging Talent Pass
  • 9. Student Pass


Is This For?

  • Organizations

    with annual revenues $2m+ who'd like an annual, bespoke keynote/workshop

    Example members

    Kansas City Opera, Blumenthal Arts, BYU, Deloitte, Demiurgo
  • Organizations

    with annual revenues $2m+ who want their senior & junior members to benefit from the learnings

    Example members

    Meow Wolf, ILM Immersive, Opus Agency, XD Agency, Cocolab
  • Organizations

    with annual revenues $2m+ who want to bring a select group

    Example members

    Thinkwell, The Shipping Monster, We Are Collider, Nolan Heimann, Sphere
  • Organizations

    with annual revenues $250k - $2m+

    Example members

    BeCore, Friendly Vengeance, JFI Productions, Ultra V
  • Organizations

    with annual revenues up to $250k

    Example members

    The Moonlight Collective, Living Story, LifePlugin, Nathaniel Howe Studios
  • When you're the only experience person

    at a large firm

    Example members

    Gil Forer, EY; Jesse Harris, Virgin; Allison Tsai, Arup; Yoram Roth, Fotografiska/Neue House
  • Self-employed

    experience experts

    Example members

    Jasmin Jodry, Jamie Ruddy, Julian Rad, Ashley Jex Wagner
  • Experience professionals

    at an early stage of their career

    Example members

    Monica Matei, Morgane Rocheteau, Sparks Sparks
  • Students

    in full-time education

    Example members

    Matthew Waller, Nicolaas Scheepers, Lily Moore

How Many

Members Can Join?

  • Unlimited*
  • Unlimited*
  • up to 6
  • up to 4
  • 1-2
  • 1
  • 1
  • 1**
  • 1**

How Much

Does It Cost?

* A ‘fair use’ policy applies to “unlimited”. It really means you don’t need to worry about who to invite, or not. If your members go much above 20, let’s talk.  

** Emerging Talent, Junior, and Student members can come to PlayLabs, join Circle, and view all Campfires online. Live Campfires are for expert-level members only.