Hell is other people

  • The design of this immersive experience / role play game ensures makes it covid-proof: guests remain socially distanced throughout
  • One of our series on how XE firms are coping with covid
  • We love the tongue in cheek play on words… Dante’s Inferno > Dante’s in Furlough

At a time when no one exactly knows if and when we’ll be allowed out and with how many people, director Sam Carrack and producer Ami Stidolph have come up with a smart way to ensure their game goes ahead: social distancing is baked into the design.

Heres a great video explaining the concept:

And heres the sell:

The Devil is getting hitched! And given what’s going on up here at the moment, there’s no better time to accept their invitation down to the underworld. Join your demonic guide and prove yourself worthy of a seat at the Devil’s table; you’ll need to lie, sin and cheat your way to the party of the millennium. Whatever the circles of Hell have in store for you, you’ll have to beat the Devil at his own game to reach the wedding on time—and avoid losing your soul along the way! Travel solo or with your quarantined dearest, but know that in this interactive show it’s betray or be betrayed. Being bad is so much fun…

More from the creators:

  • Runs 15 October – 30 December 2020.
  • Tickets on sale at experience platforms: FeverUp, SecretLdn, Design My Night.