Game On! Covid Can’t Stop UK Game Sector

  • Gaming was the only leisure and entertainment sector to do well out of covid
  • Games sales rose 218% in the first few months of lockdown
  • The UK gaming sector will be worth £10bn by 2023 – up from £4bn today

The gaming industry was the only segment of the leisure and entertainment sector to have made a success from COVID, according to new report ‘Gaming: The Perfect Play for Growth’, by global recruitment agency Robert Walters. 

Sales from videogames rose 218% in the first few months of lockdown. The most popular games during lockdown were Minecraft, Fortnite, Animal Crossing, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and FIFA. 

More gaming jobs

In the next few years, many roles are expected to be in ever higher demand, including: 

  • Game programming +154%
  • Project management +140% 
  • Developers +91% 
  • Audio/visual specialists +76%
  • Artist/creative +59%

Background on the gaming industry

The UK’s gaming sector is the fifth largest in the world. It provides 27,000 jobs. By 2025, the industry is expected to provide 80,000 jobs. 

[Katherine, can you provide the top 10. Name the country; the city if appropriate; how many jobs they provide; what the value is.]