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DUNDU Giants of Light

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Giant puppets with a message Worth Spreading
Sharing the Light 🤩 Together in Motion

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Giant puppets with a message Worth Spreading
Sharing the Light 🤩 Together in Motion

DUNDU means You and You (DU und DU)
DUNDU is an illuminated large-scale puppet that has enthralled spectators worldwide.Though large in size, he is a gentle creature that glides between audience members with ease and grace, tickling fancies and chins along the way. Our family here at Dundu, through years of stellar craftsmanship, original live music, and finely- tuned puppeteering, brings a visual, interactive, mobile experience to your public. It is hard to describe the captivating nature of this glowing figure but when we see the lights light up in someone's eyes, we know he has achieved our goal - to instill a simple sense of wonder and togetherness in adults and children. The only thing larger than this giant is his heart.

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DUNDUMUSIK: The sound of the Giants
The unique sound world of the Kora enlivens DUNDU and supports his unprecedented atmosphere
Each situation shares its common quality with the acoustic Besides, the magic spell and aesthetics are due, not least thanks to the music with its fluid sound structure of the West African Kora-harp, played by Stefan Charisius and conceived specifically for. He belongs to the few Europeans who excell in playing this instrument rhythmically complex, also as a soloist and in various formations. This musical instrument has been used for centuries as a means of opening channels for well-being and for inner peace. Blues, Jazz, Swing and the Pop music are using melodies developed by means of the Kora up to this day.

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DUNDU-Teambuilding: through puppetry to team success
DUNDU brings creativity and inspiration to companies. The core element is the DUNDU doll, which is played simultaneously by four to six people. In the different scenarios the participants get to know interaction, communication and cooperation with and through the puppet in a playful way. The reflection of the scenarios enables the transfer of the model environment with DUNDU to the daily challenges for the individual and the group. Trustful cooperation and effective communication are major elements of successful teamwork. Dundu Teambuilding is a new approach to create emotional connectivity in the team and, through the team's analogue tactile experience, also symbolizes the digital transformation & networking thinking in an unparalleled way.

Puppet thinking: when puppetry and design thinking meet
Puppet Thinking is an innovative approach that gives artistic impulses to organizations through the magic of collective animation of figures and objects.
In a three-stage process the participants go through a co-creation journey with puppet creation & building, puppet animation and directing / storytelling:
The participants build simple figures from materials of everyday life (or materials of their companies) own figures, the so-called mini-WEs. Collectively the group learns to breath life into the fragile bodies and are bond together with this organisational breath and able to perform their own success story.