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Immersive Experiences & Transformative Events. Strategy, Creative & Production for IRL, URL, & WTF

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Immersive Experiences & Transformative Events. Strategy, Creative & Production for IRL, URL, & WTF

Heather lives at the innovative edge of culture and entertainment. She is considered an expert in transformative events and a pioneer in the experience economy. Fluent in art, culture, technology and humanity, she combines embodied and spatial wisdom with humanistic cultural values to create stunning spectacles, innovative experiences and thriving creative communities.

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Heather was part of Burning Man's senior executive and event operations teams for almost 20 years. She oversaw year-round technology and design services for the organization, which expanded to a team of 50 supporting 72 mission-critical infrastructure departments during the event. She produced the official Burning Man wall calendar, photo edited the website, directed a team of photographers, and helped produce a huge number of staff retreats, leadership conferences, special events, and so much more.

For several years starting in 2019, Heather joined a Bay Area tech startup Enklu, where she produced and designed high-throughput immersive augmented reality holographic attractions using cutting-edge technology on the Microsoft Hololens for events, brands, and their own venue in downtown San Francisco. At least until the pandemic put a stop to all that fun.

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For two years coming out of the pandemic, Heather was part of the founding executive team at TRANSFIX, a monumental immersive art experience that opened on the Las Vegas Strip in front of Resorts World in 2023. While there Heather helped raise funds, engaged artists, developed tour strategy, managed venue relations, oversaw operations, and attempted to bring some method to the madness of a fledging remote startup. Sadly, the madness won, and many poor business and creative decisions were made by other founders resulting in the show closing after 6 weeks.

After so many exciting adventures, Heather's superpowers are now even more supercharged. She is consulting on a variety of immersive projects and is always open to learning about new opportunities.