Medium Firm Membership

$1,399.00 / year

Here’s what you’ll get when you sign up… 

  • “Platinum grade” private members community: Connect with the WXO’s global network of 630+ members in 38 countries. That’s 630+ professionals who, like you, are passionate about creating better experiences, that make people feel more alive, that make more money, and that are good for society and the planet.
    • The WXO private members platform has been awarded “Platinum Community” status, a recognition that it is among the top 10% of all communities for engagement on the technology platform we built it on
  • Campfires: Learn at our near-legendary Campfires, you’ll hear from pioneers who are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible; learn new ways to create better experiences based on the cutting-edge art and science of experience design
    • Connect in person with experience creators, producers, promoters from the same, adjacent, and completely different experience sectors (every one of which has something you can learn from!)
    • Campfires are only for vetted, expert level members, so you can be sure you’ll only be in conversation with fellow experts
    • For ease of access, Campfires are held on Zoom, every week
  • PlayLabs:
    • Learn new tools and techniques from the cutting-edge art and science of experience design as you collaborate in small teams
    • PlayLabs are for all members: our Student and Emerging Talent members, as well Expert members so they’re a hotbed of ideas
    • To make them easy to access for all, Campfires are held on Zoom once every month
  • Real World Connections: beyond the Campfires and private member community online, our members meet up in real life, in official and unofficial WXO meet ups – eg, in New York, London, Amsterdam, at events like SXSW etc
  • Campfire Catchup Videos: Instant, anytime access to 70+ videos featuring experience experts sharing tools, techniques, tips
  • Black Book Directory: Be seen with the trailblazers of the experience world. 7,000+ views per year. 
  • WXO Badge: Proudly display your WXO membership and add kudos to your brand on your website, emails, in presentations, at exhibitions etc.
  • Guaranteed Entry to the World Experience Summit.
    • The inaugural World Experience Summit was named “Best of 2023 – Case Studies in Event Excellence” by event experts Skift Meetings
  • Exclusive Super Early Bird Passes: Membership also unlocks exclusive access to the first, and lowest priced tickets to the Summit.
  • Provides access for you and up to four colleagues.
PlaceholderMedium Firm Membership
$1,399.00 / year