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Get the most from the WXO when you sign up for full Digital and Campfire access. Make more in person and online connections, and learn more, faster by coming to Campfires & having 24/7 access to the WXO’s digital library – of content and people.

  • Campfires: hear from pioneers who are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible; learn new ways to create better experiences based on the cutting-edge art and science of experience design
    • Connect in person with experience creators, producers, promoters from the same, adjacent, and completely different experience sectors
    • For ease of access, Campfires are held on Zoom, every week
    • NPS for Campfires is 75 – a score considered “world class” and “best of the best”, reflecting not only the talks but the conversation and ideas that flow afterwards
  • Campfire Catch-up Videos
  • Experience Connections 24/7
  • Black Book
  • WXO Explorer Member badge
  • Provides access for you and up to three of your colleagues
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$1,399.00 / year