Company Expert Monthly Membership

$69.00 / month

Not ready for your whole team to sign up yet? Or you’re the Only One at your organization who’s seen the light so far and is now consciously creating experiences… That’s OK. We know what you’re going through.

So we created this, the Company Solo+ Explorer Pass, for you.

Here’s what you’ll get when you sign up… 

  • Connect upgrade your experiential connections… with more than 500 members in 35 countrires, you’ll join an exclusive community of brilliant, helpful, creative individuals who, like you, want to stage ever better experiences
  • Learn at our near-legendary Campfires, you’ll hear from pioneers who are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible; learn new ways to create better experiences based on the cutting-edge art and science of experience design
    • Connect in person with experience creators, producers, promoters from the same, adjacent, and completely different experience sectors (every one of which has something to teach you)
    • For ease of access, Campfires are held on Zoom, every week
    • NPS for Campfires is 75 – a score considered “world class” and “best of the best”, reflecting not only the talks but the conversation and ideas that flow afterwards
  • Learn via Campfire On-demand
      • If you miss a Campfire, don’t worry, you can watch it anytime.
      • When you join, you get instant access to talks you won’t find anywhere else
  • Connect via the always-on, vibrant, digital private-members site WXO Circle 
  • Showcase your status, via the WXO Black Book
  • Tell your colleagues and clients by adding a WXO Member badge to your email / presentations etc
  • Great way to check out the Campfires before the whole company commits
  • Want to Invite a Colleague? Solo+ membership level provides access for just you, most of the time. But you can bring a colleague to Campfire every now and then 🙂 
PlaceholderCompany Expert Monthly Membership
$69.00 / month