Here come the new punks

  • People are choosing experiences that stand out
  • Since experiences deliver status, experiences that are more outlandish deliver more status
  • Just as the punks wore their hair in shocking ways to stand out, so ‘punk experientialists’ are choosing experiences for their shock value

A leading example of a punk experience is Alcotraz.

Category: Immersive entertainment
Trend: ‘Punk experiences’ trend, where people choose what to do based on the shock value of the pictures they can post.

Additional info
Each cell can accommodate up to 6 inmates. If your gang is over six you will be placed in opposite or adjacent cells with only metal bars between you. Maximum group size to book is 50.

Insider knowledge
They don’t sell alcohol. You have to bring your own.
The team behind Alcotraz has now launched the Moonshine Saloon and Pirates of the Hidden Spirit.

Year launched: 2018
Expansion: now in Covent Garden and Brighton