Campfire 15: The Integrated Storytelling Firestarter

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This is the chat for Campfire 15: The Integrated Storytelling Firestarter, which you can now also watch back on WXO TV.

The story of storytelling is subjective and ever-changing – and goes hand-in-hand with experience design.

As our technology, expectations and environments evolve, do we need to shift the way we construct narratives too? Should we get rid of the old story structures – or can we adapt them to better suit the world we’re now in, as well as the worlds we’re creating?

We invited AdventureLAB founder Klaus Paulsen to deliver a Firestarter talk on the day of the publication of his new book, Integrated Storytelling by Design: Concepts, Principles and Methods for New Narrative Dimensions

Paulsen has been designing experiences for over 20 years, for clients ranging from marketing agencies to The Smurfs, and has won awards for his non-linear game design. As he welcomed us to his concept of the storyverse – or should that be storysphere? – we learned all about integrated storytelling.

Once you've watched or read the Campfire, let us know how you might use his integrated storytelling framework in your own work here.

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