Campfires 82 & 83: The Marvellous Magic of Transdisciplinary Experience Design

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One of the key beliefs that the WXO was built on is that there are ideas in different experience sectors that we can all borrow from to make better experiences. We might call it "transdisciplinary experience design".

So fresh from his keynote at the 7X Experience Summit in Utah, WXO CEO James Wallman gave some examples of transdisciplinary design in action – and invited our experience designers to play the game for themselves.

The full write-up will be coming soon – but for now, here are a few top takeaways, links and questions that emerged.

We also want to hear from you – what were your top takeaways? How might you borrow, or are already borrowing, techniques from other areas of experience design in your work? What questions did it provoke? Add your comments below!

  • According to the Harvard Business Review, "The breakthroughs of cross-pollination are frequently of unusually high value."
  • Examples from WXO Members include moving from brand experience to travel, events to education, themed attractions to healthcare, scare attractions to corporate development, and immersive to... just about everything.
  • Could we apply a caregiving approach from the healthcare sector to any experience, in order to bring in humanity and get the oxytocin glow?
  • How might we use the props and visual scene-setting from theatre across experiences to foreshadow the action, provoke curiosity and encourage repeat visitors?
  • How can we use music as manipulation, or stimulate our other senses (of which there are 33, not 5!) to nudge people's behaviour?
  • How does what we call our customers / guests / participants etc shape our relationship and interactions with them? How can we co-create, rather than coerce into, this identity?

Some follow-up questions to ask yourself:

  1. How have YOU borrowed from other “experience genres” in the past?
  2. What tools / techniques in other experience sectors would you like to use in your experiences?
  3. Where are you stuck, or have plateaued a bit, and could use some help from another sector?
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