Welcome to a brief taste of the WXO Campfires.

These 3 sample videos contain tools, tips, frameworks and approaches that’ll help you design and stage better experiences – and become a better experience designer.

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Campfire 28: How Story Drives Business

Veteran Walt Disney Imagineer Theron Skees on how we can use the art of storytelling to embody and deliver a client’s brand and their business objectives – and get that little bit better at marrying the “experience” and “economy” sides of what we do. Read the report here.

Campfire 14: AR Firestarter With Rob Morgan

Game writer and AR specialist Rob Morgan takes us through the opportunities and repercussions that AR technology might have for experience designers – and our very perception of reality. Read the report here.

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Campfire 3: The End Of Storytelling

Is storytelling…dead?! In this brilliant and intense WXO Campfire, this is the controversial question our experience experts came together to try and solve. Led by immersive trailblazer, Experiential Creative Director and former Disney Imagineer Stephanie Riggs. Read the report here.