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These 3 sample videos contain tools, tips, frameworks and approaches that’ll help you design and stage better experiences – and become a better experience designer.

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Campfire 92: How To Design Time To Create Happier Hours & Lives

Professor Cassie Holmes shares empirically based insights from her new book Happier Hour on how to better design our time – and that of others.

Campfire 73: The Transformative Power Of Time Well Designed

Best-selling author Alex Soojung-Kim Pang shares his pearls of wisdom on time well designed and the importance of making room for rest in our daily lives. Read the report here.

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Campfire 58: How To Design For Transformation

Most businesses could greatly benefit by thinking how they could elevate their offerings to the transformation level. Experience Economy Godfather, Joe Pine, on the next stage of economic progression:  transformation. Read the report here.