Making Life Easier… The New WXO Campfire Calendar

 As of November 2022, we’re using a new system to reduce the amount of messages you receive about the Campfires.

After all, we all have too many notifications, right?

We’ve now set up an open Campfire Calendar for WXO Members.

As a member, you’re automatically added to this.

You should receive a link to subscribe.

If you haven’t yet successfully subscribed to the Campire Calendar, try clicking this Campfire Calendar link

Here are further guides on how to subscribe…

– if you use Google Calendar

– if you use iCal / your iPhone

– if you use Outlook

We hope this makes life easier for all our members.

If it doesn’t work for you, please let us know via this form and you’ll receive invitations the old way (which also works 🙂