Welcome to the WXO Founding Circle

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  • THANK YOU for agreeing to add your skills, ability, and vision to what we hope will be the world’s leading organization for the Experience Economy
  • This contains a few useful details on what it means to be in the WXO Founding Circle

First of all, we’d like to add you to the page where we profile the WXO Founding Circle. This is currently on the About page.

So, please can you send 3 things:


  • 50-60 words. If you have a bio & don’t have the time to cut to size, send to us & we’ll edit.


  • Head & shoulders / quite close up of face.
  • Square images that are 300×300 pixels.
  • Full colour please, no B&W 🙂
  • Feel free to deliver an image a bit larger than 300×300 & a bit more than face close up. We can crop. But we can’t use images smaller.


  • What’s the best intro to you?
    • Can be your job title?
    • Or, even better, how you’d describe yourself to someone you met on a plane (remember flying on planes??)
    • This could even encapsulate why you’re an experience pioneer.
    • Examples of Founding Circle members titles include:
      • ‘escape room & immersive experience designer’
      • ‘the Mary Poppins of UX/CX’

Ready To Give Your Opinion… Or Ask A Question?

I recognise you’re busy, but when you have a chance, I and the rest of the WXO Founding Circle would really like to hear your point of view.

One of the main reasons smart people like you have signed up – the thing that people have said to me over and over again – is this: they want to connect with experience designers and creators from other sectors that they can learn new ideas from.

(My hunch is that this is something to do with how successful people get a thrill out of finding out new stuff, how they like pushing their own boundaries that makes them successful – and keeps them ahead of the curve that most people are on.)

If you’d like a little inspiration, take a look at this rough guide to the Views we share on the WXO.

The WXO Flow

There is, of course, a flow to this. You can think of it like gifting – as Marcel Mauss described in his seminal essay on how reciprocity is the essence of gifting, Essai Sur Le Don, or Essay On Gifting.

Or you could think of it as a wave or breathing: coming in, then going out; coming in, going out.

Or, as Adam Grant would say, this is about giving and taking:

‘Research suggests that there are two fundamental paths to influence: dominance and prestige. When we establish dominance, we gain influence because others see us as strong, powerful, and authoritative. When we earn prestige, we become influential because others respect and admire us.’
Adam Grant, Give And Take: A Revolutionary Approach to Success

Grant also wrote this:

‘If we create networks with the sole intention of getting something, we won’t succeed. We can’t pursue the benefits of networks; the benefits ensue from investments in meaningful activities and relationships.’
Adam Grant, Give and Take: A Revolutionary Approach to Success

When you have the time and an idea comes to you I hope that you’ll share it with the incredible community of experience creators that have gathered here.

And I hope besides giving that you’ll receive a lot from the WXO – ideas and inspiration; tools, techniques, tips. I hope these either add to what you already know, or make you think about experiences in new ways. If it does not do this at any moment, please do not hesitate to email me immediately – ideally with a link to the page you’ve come across. If we are not serving YOU, and the other advisors in the Founding Circle, we are not serving our core community.

Finally, a huge THANK YOU for coming on this journey. Together, we will create a better, richer, more interesting, intriguing Experience Economy of better experiences, and perhaps a better society along the way.

Best wishes,

James Wallman, WXO Founder

PS We hope to not only bring you useful insights and information, but also to showcase and promote your work.

  • If you have written a book, a report, created a framework, sell a course, run a podcast, write a blog, appear in a video, are hosting a conference… please share:
    • information about it
    • a web link – ideally a ‘persistent’ link that works anywhere in the world
      • (in the book world, these links recognise where you are & direct you to your local Amazon / most relevant seller)
  • With books & reports, we’d love to run summaries / key take-outs / excerpts
    • If you have one that’s already ready, perfect, please share.
    • If not, but you could write or select, again perfect.
    • If not and you just don’t have time at present, please let us know & we’ll work on another solution.