Introducing The WXO Resources Section

  • This section is like a ‘resource library’ for anyone who wants to design, understand, and commission experiences
  • Or you could think of it as a ‘greatest hits’ collection of the most powerful frameworks and approaches to designing and staging experiences

Like the rest of the WXO, we have grand ambitions for the Resources section.

Like the rest of the WXO site, it’s very much a work in progress right now.

The Resources section will feature :

  • The X Directory
    A collection of the world’s best experience creators
  • Case Studies
    As part of our mission to shine a light on exceptional experiences, this area will feature experiential challenges – and the creative people who solved them.
  • The Startup X Directory
    Inspiring experience startups. From Kickstarter projects, to seed-funded.
  • The WXO Library
    Our selection of the books that will help you design and stage great experiences
  • X Books
    As well as the library, we will run summaries, excerpts and key take-outs from experience-focused books that strike us as particularly useful.
  • The WXO Research Library
    Our selection of the most useful experience research by academics that gives clues, and even point the way, to better experience design.
  • Reports
    Reports from across the Experience Economy sectors
  • X Calendar
    Events across the Experience Economy sectors
  • Frameworks
    We love a useful framework. Find the one that resonates most, and works best, for you, and your challenge.
  • Downloadable tools
    From leading Experience Economy experts.
  • Experience Economy Education
    From virtual to in person, from university degrees to diplomas, from theory to practical. Inclues Pine and Gilmore’s Certified Experience Economy Expert (CEEE), the immersive course at College of Extraordinary Experiences, and the degrees in Experience Design available at universities in Utah, Texas, Helsinki, Delft and others.
  • X Podcasts
    Links to experience economy podcasts
  • XTV
    A mix of TV shows, TED and TEDx talks, other keynotes, and other videos that contain useful insights for experience design.
  • X Jobs
    Opportunities in the Experience Economy.

If you believe there’s something missing here, don’t hesitate to let us know.