Campfires 87 & 88: Come Back! How To Turn Visitors Into Repeat Visitors

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Experiential producer Andrea Moccia has spent the last 11 years creating incredible immersive experiences for Secret Cinema, an absolute pioneer in the space.

The brand's recent collaboration with Netflix and Riot Games on Arcane: The Live Experience in Los Angeles introduced a new element to encourage repeat visits, designing several alternative endings that flexed depending on audience behaviour.

So we asked Moccia to share some of the tools that he's used to turn Secret Cinema from cult brand into cultural phenomenon, and how you too can create experiences that keep people coming back (and back, and back...) for more.

The full write-up will be coming soon – but for now, here are a few top takeaways, links and questions that emerged. Add your comments below!

  • No matter how brilliant or creative your experience might be, in order to keep people coming back there are certain boring basics you have to get right.

  • But just because these things are formulaic, it doesn’t mean you can’t find ways of making them fun.
  • Communicating with your audience about the boundaries of your world is key. There are so many formats within immersive, that it’s important to know the level of agency and where the limits are.
  • Immersive formats naturally offer people opportunities to come back, as it’s hard for someone to experience everything an open-world format has to offer in one visit. But as the industry grows and there are more and more players, you can’t just do the basics listed above in order to entice people back for more.

  • Assign people a role, but give them enough autonomy to build and make it their own.

  • Behind most great creative ideas is a very big working spreadsheet!
  • Bigger sets don’t necessarily mean a better experience. What people want is detail and layers to discover that other people might miss.

Some follow-up questions to ask yourself:

  1. How might you create multiple endings or exit points for your experience?
  2. How might you leave room for serendipity, so people can co-create their own experience?
  3. How might you make people have to return to your experience?
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