Campfires 90 & 91: The Economy Of Meaningful Experiences

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Albert Boswijk is the author of The Economy Of Meaningful Experiences, which brings together academic research into the field of experiences to explore how businesses and organisations can create meaningful experiences that improve people's lives.

For Campfires 90 & 91, he shared a few essential insights from his work and took us on a deep dive into the psychology of senses, emotions and erfahrung (meaningful experiences), asking: how do we create meaning, individually, socially, and in our communities?

The full write-up will be coming soon – but for now, here are a few top takeaways, links and questions that emerged. Add your comments below!

  • Experience is a biological process of sensing, thinking, feeling, imagining, interacting, and communicating.
  • We are constantly changing the shape of our structure and the form of our experiences. We live in a sea of constantly altering situations, internal and external realities.

  • We create meaning through our senses and emotions, reacting to the outside world = erlebnis (an event in one context). Then we wonder and are curious/reflect = erfahrung (applies to many contexts in your life/your whole personality).

  • Personal experiences determine what we value in our lives. We need to formulate a working criteria to measure the impact of the experience. 

  • There are 5 steps of value creation: strategy, experience value proposition, experience technology, culture and competencies, and business model.
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