How To Create Time-Well-Invested Experiences

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Experience design is, of course, time design. And as experience designers, it’s up to us to use our skills to create experiences that offer not only time well spent, but also time well invested.

To rally against “junk food experiences” that siphon away our seconds: silently scrolling through social media, for example, or watching mindless TV. 

And instead promote “superfood experiences” that make us feel happier, smarter and more alive: getting offline and outside, doing things for or with others, and staying active.

In a culture obsessed with productivity and bombarded with distractions, this isn’t always easy. But time is our least renewable resource. It’s good for us to consider if we’re using it wisely. And if we convince people to trust us with their hours – and their wallets) – we have a duty to reward them with experiences worthy of the exchange.

So next time you’re creating an experience and want to consider if it delivers time well invested, we'd love to know...

  • Is your experience more “junk food” or “superfood”?

  • Do you have to exert ever more marketing and sales effort to gain the attention of customers, or do the experiences you offer create robust demand in and of themselves?

  • How long does your experience feel?
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