Campfires 65 & 66: The Experience Design Triple Diamond

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This is the chat for Campfires 65 & 66: The Experience Design Triple Diamond, which you can now also watch back on WXO TV.

We were thrilled to welcome Pigalle Tavakkoli – an experience designer and teacher with over 15 years’ experience in producing cross-disciplinary experiences that bring the arts and sciences together – to share her building blocks for transformation and the jewel in her crown, The Experience Design Triple Diamond.

Since 2012, Tavakkoli has co-developed and taught the UK’s first short course in Experience Design at Central Saint Martins University in London. She has also now founded the online School of Experience Design.

In her quest to define the meaning of experience design and map a clear process to deliver transformation, Tavakkoli has travelled to lands far and wide.

She opened her treasure chest of insights so you can explore this hidden island together – gaining unexpected insights, gathering new frameworks, and deepening your understanding of the transformative power of designing experiences along the way.

Read the full report here and then when designing your next experience, consider:

  • What emotions am I designing my experience for in order to trigger internal transformation?
  • How can I use the Experience Change Equation to help those who come to my experience transcend themselves and impact their community and society?
  • How do the phases explored within the Experience Design Triple Diamond apply to my own project? Is there anything I’m missing?
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