Campfire 38: Experience Design And The Seven "I"s

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This is the chat for Campfire 38: Experience Design And The Seven "I"s, which you can now also watch back on WXO TV.

When it comes to explaining to clients or investors what we do, we all might feel a bit Polonius from time to time (see what we did there?!).

We know that the experiences we create are the result of carefully crafted frameworks, as well as an ineffable blend of creativity and ingenuity. But sometimes we need a cheat sheet to help others understand the same.

In collaboration with Peter Holst-Beck, the production’s creator, Anna Leask, a lecturer in tourism at Edinburgh Napier University, and Joe Pine, all-round Experience Economy godfather, Niels Fredrik Lund has developed an analysis called the The 7 “i”s Experiential Strategy Framework.

The next time you come over all Polonius, the seven “i”s might just help you to get to grips with both designing and communicating your experience to the world. And while it was created by studying an immersive theatre production – Hamlet Live in Denmark – we think it contains gems that all experience designers can benefit from.

Read the full report here and then when designing your next experience, consider:

  • Can you see each of the 7 “i”s in your experience? Which ones are missing?
  • Does your experience have dramatising elements?

  • In your experience, can visitors / users enter a liminal world where “antistructure” reigns, where they can be playful and mischievous, freed from their normal roles and status?

  • Does your experience focus on clear wayfinding or impromptu surprises?

  • Do you create existential authenticity for your audience / users / etc?
  • How could you use the 7 “i”s to pitch your experience to an investor?
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