The Business Case For Experiences

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Ahead of Michael Lai kicking off Season 5 of the WXO Campfires on 14 September with his talk on X Thinking: The Dynamic Relationship Between Customers & Brands, in this week's Experience Toolkit we're pondering the value of experiences – how they can be used to drive business innovation and avoid commoditisation, and how experience is one of the key business tools of the 21st century.

So we'd love to know: how do you make a business case for experiences in order to get investment and bring clients on board, particularly as budgets shrink? How can we create a new language, metrics, and ways of proving ROX?

A few thought-starters to spark things off:

  • How might you measure the success of your experience other than profit alone?

  • Does your experience create a meaningful relationship between your brand and your customer?

  • Do you design different experiences for people at different stages / in different types of relationship with your brand? How?
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