Why We Moved To Our New Community Home

3 minute read

So, you’ve been invited to the new WXO Community home.

But you don’t understand why.

Maybe it’s helpful if we tell you why we’re moving…

1. A Much Better Way to Make sure everyone has the Campfires on their Calendar.

Our original system was simple: Calendar invites. But too many updates meant it sometimes overwhelmed people’s inboxes. A few people complained.

So we tried a new system: a Campfire Calendar you could subscribe to. But that caused all sorts of problems: it worked great for many, but not for everyone. How to synch it with Outlook, iCal, or whatever system people were using…

With the new system, you just go to the Campfire Calendar, and you can RSVP. And even better, you can just click a button to automatically add it to your calendar.

2. A Much Better Way to Make Connections

Many members have made great connections (that have led to creativity, collaborations, and commerce) directly via the Campfires. 

But not everyone can make it, every week, to the Campfires. And you only spend a short time in Breakouts with a few people.

So that’s slow. That’s friction. And we want to reduce friction and enable more connections.

So we built a new system. It launched in July. And it worked, sort of.

It was useful to connect Emily Png and Stuart Wee in Singapore with Americans for their intended ‘moon shot’ launch in the US.

It was useful to connect Sophie Shaw in the UK connect with a bunch of people re two projects she’s working on.

But it wasn’t… easy. It wasn’t as good as we wanted it to be.

And this new system is intuitive, simple, clean. You can add video, PDF, links etc. 

Click on ‘Community’ in the header, or this link to visit now and see for yourself.


  • Do I really need to fill out another form?

Sorry, yes, but it’s 2-3 mins. A pic, a short description and you’re in.

  • What about all that info I filled in before for the Black Blook, where’s that?

That’s still there, still in the Black Book.

  • What’s happening with the Black Book?

We’re sticking with it, for now. It works, not perfectly, but it works. It’s still the world’s only directory for the Experience Economy. It contains a fantastic collection of experience creators.

  • Does that mean I have 2 log-ins?? 

Yes, while we’re in transition, sorry. One log-in to view the Campfire Catchup videos and update your Black Book entry. One log-in for the community. My advice is: use the same log-in & password.

  • What’s the roadmap look like?

Our plan is to introduce a ‘Single Sign On’ process as soon as possible, and also to re-boot the Black Book to make it neater and easier to use.

  • How come you keep changing things?

There are two ways to build something. The ‘waterfall’ system where you set out the spec, then build it. This is ideal if you know exactly what you’re building, and exactly what the people you’re building for want. The other way of building is the iterative process that’s become popular in the startup world: the iterative, build-measure-learn approach that’s focused on regular, small launches, with a view to working out if it’s what people want. 

This is the approach we’re taking. It can be a bit messy, so please bear with us. But it’s a much better way to build what people actually want. 

Our mission is to connect, serve, provoke, inspire, grow the Experience Economy. We believe it’s a real force for good in the world, that it has the potential to transform quality of life. We’re trying to take as many right steps, and as few wrong steps, to make that mission happen.

If your question isn’t answer here, please let me know via [email protected]

James Wallman, CEO, WXO