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Become a Founding Member of the ‘World Economic Forum’ for the Experience Economy.


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  • Connect with thought-leaders

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  • Make cross-sector partnerships

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We’ve developed meaningful partnerships that make a difference on levels we couldn’t have imagined or predicted

- immersive experience designer

The WXO does what many similar organisations only aspire to: frame and foster genuinely interesting cross-disciplinary conversation

- award-winning VR/AR experience designer

Today’s Campfire quite literally reframed the way I approach the work that we do every day

- CEO, experience design firm

Why join the WXO?

Cross-sector connections

Make useful, meaningful partnerships across experience sectors and geographies.

Increase impact

Start creating experiences that have more impact, that are more memorable and more profitable.

Raise your profile

Amplify your message, and enhance your trustworthiness to your consumers and clients.

"the breakthroughs [of cross-sector pollination] are frequently of unusually high value."

- Harvard Business Review

WXO Founding Members include

The World Experience Organization — where thought-leaders from diverse experience sectors collaborate in order to increase the impact of experiences: increase profit, improve wellbeing, and build a better society.