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The WXO is now home to more than 500 experience pioneers around the world. Together, we are committed to championing and challenging the people and ideas at the forefront of the Experience Revolution.

When you become a WXO Member, you’ll get full access to WXO Connect and be able to:

CONNECT with Experience Economy experts and strengthen your place in the experience community by direct messaging and joining in conversations

LEARN how to stage more successful, profitable, and sustainable experiences in behind-the-scenes, no-holds-barred chats with other experience experts

DISCOVER radical ideas about the Art, Science, Business, and Future of experiences by watching Campfire Catch-Ups and following trending topics – as well as share your own

LEAD the next stage of the Experience Revolution

How Does It Work?



Connect with potential collaborators

Join – or start! – a conversation or debate

Join working groups like Women in Experience (WiX), Return on Experience (ROX) and Representation in Experience (RiX)

Privately message other members of the community

RSVP to and access WXO Socials


Get up to speed on the experience topics that experts are talking about

RSVP to and access WXO Campfires and PlayLabs

Watch Campfire Catch-Up videos


Discover and share experience tools and tips with fellow leaders

Open up about your successes, frustrations and failures in a safe space

Get feedback on your projects and promote new launches

Post job openings and find opportunities

Connect with fellow Members

Utilise WXO Connect to connect with all members of the WXO, including the below:

Chief Communications Officer

Didi Bethurum
Meow Wolf, USA

Managing Director

Rajeev Kohli,
Creative Travel, India


Lou Murray,
Lemuria Dreamer, USA

Want to know more about our members?

Download the Member Overview & Sample List to better understand the breakdown of Job Titles, Location, Brand vs Agency and much more:

What You’ll Find in WXO Connect

Here’s what forms part of your exclusive, members-only platform: 

1. Member Directory

Search for and connect with WXO Members from across the globe. Search by Company, Job Title, Industry & Location to find relevant contacts, or directly by name.

2. Direct Messages

Once you’ve found a member that you want to connect with, pop them a quick DM or add multiple contacts into a group chat, just like your favorite social apps.

3. Content Spaces

Spaces are groups of content, defined by the WXO, that form part of your membership. They’re where most key conversations happen. Examples include New Experiences, Science, Committees, and more.

4. RSVP to

Exclusive Events

Find out when the next WXO event is coming up, see who else is going, and add it directly to your personal calendar so you never miss a Campfire, PlayLab or Social. You’ll receive an automated reminder before the event begins with all the login information you need.

5. Build your


Showcase your experience expertise so that you can attract the most relevant and meaningful connections.

6. Social network for Experience creators

An online space where you can connect, learn and share with fellow Experience creators all in one place. No longer silo-ed in your company, sector or industry, the WXO spans across 25 different Experience industries, 39 countries and with over 500 members to bring you the one place to collaborate.

WXO Connect in action

A community platform, designed specifically for Experience pioneers. 

In this quick video by our CEO, James Wallman, we’ll show you some of the best-loved features of WXO Connect. Including where to find the member directory, send a DM, get involved in content spaces and how to RVSP & access upcoming Campfires.  

Who Will I Meet?

The ever-expanding WXO community currently includes over 500 Members in more than 39 countries worldwide. When you join us, you’ll meet experts from all experience sectors and from organisations including:

What Do Experience Experts Think?

Join Us

Ready to join fellow expert experience creators from 39+ different countries as we lead the Experience Revolution forward?

Then it’s time to apply to join the WXO. The application form should only take 15-20 minutes. The membership committee meets twice a week to review applications, after which you’ll hear back from one of the WXO team.

What You'll Also Get As A Member
  • Access to the WXO's virtual Campfires: the place to connect, learn & share
  • Instant access to all Campfire videos
  • Watch all future Campfires you can’t make via video too
  • Be recognized as an Experience Leader
  • Display your WXO Membership Badge
  • WXO PlayLabs: practical hands-on XD workshops
  • WXO Socials: to make useful, global connections
  • Join our Committees dedicated to improving the Experience Economy for all

If you’re already a member, you can access WXO Connect here.