Governments Try to Save Tourism With Staycation Incentives

  • Governments and DMCs – destination management companies – are turning to domestic tourists taking ‘staycations’ to save the industry

Until recently, tourism was the ‘largest employer by sector on the planet’. It was responsible for 1 in every 11 jobs on Earth. [check facts please. Also, we need SOURCE]

So, closed borders, quarantines and concern for spreading means tourists are increasingly likely to stay within their borders for travel for the rest of 2020, and some of 2021.

In general, domestic tourism numbers are six times bigger than international tourist arrivals, so countries with larger shares of domestic tourism are expected to survive and then recover far faster.

But often international tourists spend more. UK NUMBERS / 3 OTHER NUMBERS: USA & EUROPE & AUSTRALIA TOO

Staycation focus

A number of governments are actively trying to encourage domestic tourists. For instance: 

  • Greece – The Greek government is setting aside 30 million Euro to subsidize holidays for low-income groups through its ‘Tourism for All’ programme. The programme pays 50% of a four-night stay at participating hotels.

[KM: can you name some? We could then perhaps use their images for the article]

  • Italy – The Italian government is offering a holiday bonus for families who meet a particular criterion WHAT IS THAT CRITERION??? The bonus is up to 500 Euro for breaks at hotels, campsites and B&Bs in Italy.
  • Poland – Families with children under 18 years old or who have a disability can claim a voucher of 500 PLN to spend at a hotel or a tourist event. 
  • Costa Rica – The government is making all public holidays during 2020/21 to take place on Mondays, so that Costa Ricans enjoy more long weekends and are more likely to travel domestically.
A weekend break in Costa Rica – visiting Arenal Volcano