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CONNECT With Pioneers

You’ll be mingling with designers, operators, neuroscientists, psychologists, theatre directors, VR pioneers, imagineers, CEOs, brand experts, best-selling authors, investors, academics, technologists, and beyond, from brands like Disney, Secret Cinema, Meow Wolf and more.

LEARN Global Trends

Run on Zoom every Wednesday – because that makes it easy for pioneers from Shanghai to San Francisco to connect – this is where the world’s leading experience thinkers share their latest insights on topics including time design, creative investment, experience measurement and transformation.

SHARE Your Ideas

We host open-mic Campfires, where the community experiments with new tools and techniques together. And even when there’s someone presenting, there’s plenty of opportunity for everyone to participate and be heard through breakout rooms, Q&As and group discussions.

Who Will I Meet?

The ever-expanding WXO community currently includes over 500 Members in more than 39 countries worldwide. When you join us, you’ll meet experts from all experience sectors and from organisations including:

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