Campfire 51: How To Master Your Attention And Make Your Experience Indistractable

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This is the chat for Campfire 51: Indistractable! With Nir Eyal.

What can we learn from Eyal’s strategic model for becoming indistractable?

How can we master our own attention, and also help those we work with and create experiences for to master theirs?

Whether you’re looking to build an indistractable workplace, resist the tyranny of your to-do list, or understand whether meditation is really worth the effort, Eyal's tips on how to develop the superpower of indistractability for yourself are invaluable.

With this in mind:

  • How do you inspire people to care enough to invest in your experiences? 

  • How do you create shared goals? 

  • And how do you design structures and triggers that create a smoother path to transformation?
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