Campfire 73: how to make time-off experiences that make people more creative

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A few take-outs:

  • Rest isn't just lazin' around
  • (Good) Rest is...
    • active
    • skill
    • social
    • you can get better at it... just as you can get better at sports 
  • the most successful people organize their lives around their days
  • focused hours beat long hours
  • we should work to our circadian rhythm
  • we should *layer* work and rest... with time-off, with sabbaticals
  • A study of Southern California academics found that the most successful (inc 4 Nobel prize winners) took lots of time off, more sport etc
  • Their less successful colleagues were "too busy working to take time off"
  • 25% of startup ideas come to people when they're on vacation
    • The idea for the WXO was born in Cabo Roig beach...

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  • Deep play is how we should think of time off - the leisure equivalent of Cal Newport's Deep Work
    • "Deep play" was conceived by an anthropologist Clifford Geertz in his essay Deep Play: Notes on The Balinese Cockfight
    • Deep play is reflective of meaningful work... a counterpart... similar type of goals but in a different context
    • This is why deeply successful people like extreme sports: climbing, ultramarathons, skiing, sailing.. 
    • But also why we can all embrace similar ideas. The idea is not just to observe what *they* do, but to bring these ideas into our lives, and into the experiences we create...
  • How might we all bring deep play into the experiences we create?
  • Work vs time off is NOT a zero sum game...more leisure may mean fewer hours working, but it will mean more productivity
  • Good rest includes space for...
    • Mind wandering
    • Tinkering
    • Exploration
    • How do you allow time - for yourself - and design experiences - for others - that create space for mind-wandering, tinkering, exploration?
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