How to create an addictive experience

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This Campfire will be an experimental format.
The aim is that we can all learn from this brilliant model for creating the ultimate type of customers... habit-forming ones, where the habit is your product.
With this method - whether you design VR, city blocks, museums, employee experiences - you will come away with better ideas to make your work more profitable and sustainable.
To get the most out of this session, it's best if you know about Nir's Hooked model. Here's a few ways you can do that:
 Our questions to you are:
  1. Do you already use a version of the Hooked model in your work?

  2. How might we all use more triggers, actions, variable rewards and investment to create habitual customers and more sustainable businesses?
In the Campfire, we will get a chance to ask questions and share ideas around this topic - with specific reference to Nir's model.
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