Tech that takes you there, before and after...

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Key take-outs... 

  • Tech won't replace, it'll enhance IRL experiences (I agree 100%!!)
  • VR isn't new... it's been around since the 1962 Sensorama
  • Before... tech / VR can TEASE what's to come...
  • But note a challenge to this: Lou Murray pointed out that in today's hyper-connected world of social media, what / where on Earth is a secret you can tease anymore? And if YOU don't *control the narrative* someone else is going to do it for you... so don't tease, just GO FOR IT and tell 'em what's coming
  • Peter Monbailleu put the pre & post well: before is about building BUZZ, after is the "aftermovie"
  • I loved Thibault Paquin's idea of letting the people in the experience create for those who come next... using UGC to create the buzz and build the tease
  • After... tech / VR can enhance memories - the more senses you stimulate the more it enhances escapism... Barbara used the SMELL of Austrian mountain grass in her experiment...
  • Also Stefan Weil's comment on MOMEM: someone noticed it was missing something... they realized it might be smell, and landed on Nag Champa - a brand of incense sticks used a lot in Ibiza, a spiritual home of electronic musis
  • Be careful with aromas! They can trigger... [bad] memories and also migraines
  • Just as there are strobe & lighting warnings: might there be scent warnings in the future? [Note re the WXO Certification / Ratings system that will help experience consumers choose the right experience for them]
  • Lou mentioned Let's Make Some Noise - great example of another SENSE, perhaps a hidden, 'umami' sense.. it's "vibrations beyond sound"
  • As experience designers pushing the envelope, aren't we in the business of pushing the envelope of the SENSES that a person can feel, as well as the EMOTIONS that a person can feel? 
  • Adi Liveneh shared a glorious example of extending the AFTER... a postcard sent later that day that showed what a wonderful place would be like after climate change has devastated it
  • There was a lot of agreement about how something TACTILE was important... Lori's example of a smooth worry rock from Lake Michigan



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