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HERE’S A FEW we’re currently working on…

EXCLUSIVE: Forget Thrilling, Make Your Experience Forgettable

By Harry Brignull – UX designer, WXO Co-Founder and deceptive patterns advisor to the US Federal Trade Commission.

In which Harry complains about an annoying client, and explains not only why all things don’t need to be thrilling, but why some should be forgettable.

Like Sunshine And Sales Of Ice-Cream: Why You Should Look Beyond NPS

By Aga Szóstek – strategic experience designer, WXO Co-founder and author

In which Aga reveals how, a few summers back, a client of hers in Poland discovered that they just couldn’t trust what the NPS scores were telling them. And how she fixed the problem, of course.

EXCLUSIVE: The X Challenge #1: Hybrid Hotel Seeks New Experiences

The first in our new series. In this, New Orleans-based cultural journalist Paul Oswell writes about how the Zoku Hotel in Amsterdam is innovating in this era of coronavirus – and asks, “Have you any experience-based ideas for them?”

Created with input from Zoku co-founder, Hans Meyer.

Experience Everywhere: The Shift From Macro To Micro, Ubiquitous Experiences

By Max Lenderman – Boulder, Colorado-based experiential marketing pioneer (Max wrote a book on experiential marketing in 2006, ran ad agency Crispin, Porter Bogusky’s experiential arm for 10 years)

In which Max takes a statement Starbucks – famously used as a standout example of the Experience Economy in Pine & Gilmore’s seminal book – as a starting point to illustrate a new trend we all need to know and think about.

EXCLUSIVE: The Experience Economy Must Set Us Free

By Ben Hunnicutt – Iowa-based veteran Experience Economy researcher and author of many books including The Age of Experiences

In which lays out a provocative point of view on what the Experience Economy can and should achieve for humanity. Spoiler alert: it will lead to what Ben calls ‘liberation capitalism’.

EXCLUSIVE: Endineering: The 8 Rules of Better Endings

By Joe Macleod – the Stockholm, Sweden-based UX designer and author of Ends

In this video, shot specifically for the WXO, Joe shares the 8 ways to think about creating better endings.

EXCLUSIVE: No More Fyre Festivals: How The WXO Will Kill Bad Experiences

By John Connors – Utah-based experience creator, co-founder of the Color Run, MD of Experience Everywhere

In which John argues we need a system to prevent wishy-washy, me-too, copy-cat, terrible experiences that waste people’s time and money from happening, and from giving the Experience Economy a bad name. (Spoiler: the WXO is working on a certification system to make this reality.)

EXCLUSIVE: The Experience Connoisseurs: How To Create More Emotions And Engineer Better Experience Consumers

By Haian Xue – Chinese researcher at Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands who specialises in the intersection of experiences and positive psychology (In collaboration with WXO founder James Wallman)

In which Haian explains how it’s possible to expand the range of emotions available to humans; and how, if we help people appreciate their emotions as wine lovers appreciate flavours, we can enrich their enjoyment of more, and more varied, experiences.

EXCLUSIVE: The Surprising Joy And Benefits of Pivoting Online

By Martin Coat – theatrical director at Boomtown Fair (a festival often dubbed ‘Europe’s Burning Man’), and immersive events like the Peaky Blinders Festival

In which Martin shares his journey, in 2020, from live to online event creator.

EXCLUSIVE: Healing America: How The Experience Economy Can Help Democrats And Republicans Get On Again

By Max Lenderman

In which Max shares a vision for how experience designers can increase the peace, and build a better society, through smart experience design.

EXCLUSIVE: Kickstart Your Experience: How I Raised £250k For An At-Home Game

By Nick Moran – cofounder of Time Run, London’s most successful escape room, and creator of immersive experiences

In which Nick shares his journey, and tips, on how to understand the at-home experience market, and how to he raised money for his latest experience.

EXCLUSIVE: The Magic And The Money: A Way To Support The Experience Economy’s Creatives

By Vince Kadlubek – immersive pioneer, founder of Meow Wolf, founder of Spatial Activations

In which Vince shares his concern that too many creative geniuses don’t understand the operational and financial sides of success in the Experience Economy, and lays out a vision for how we can help more succeed.

EXCLUSIVE: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly: Lifting The Lid On The CX Industry

By Colin Shaw, customer experience pioneer, author of seven books on CX

In which Colin shares some thoughts on what’s right – and what’s wrong, wrong, wrong – with the CX industry today. Also, why he joined the WXO and how he thinks it can make CX beautiful once again.

EXCLUSIVE: The WXO CIAs: The Covid Innovation Awards

To support the Experience Economy in 2021, we will be celebrating the incredible tenacity and creativity that experience designers have displayed in the face of coronavirus.

And there’s more…

We’re working on many more stories… including:

  • the neuroscience of experiences, and how you can use this to create standout experiences
  • a framework for designing flow
  • what’s wrong with CX
  • the neuroscience of storytelling
  • Totally Awesome: A TEDx Talk on Awe, by two of the WXO’s Founding Circle: Barbara Neuhofer and Paul Bulencea.

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