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WATCH THIS: Is this the next evolution of edutainment? Gaming giant Ubisoft's transmedia empire continues to expand... This educational update of the latest Assassin's Creed "plunges you into a unique interactive experience where you learn about the history, traditions and famous characters of the Viking era."

Focus On: Swamp Motel's The Drop

Videos on new experiences worth knowing about.

Now booking: The Drop

Swamp Motel are now taking bookings for their new live immersive production, The Drop, which is set to run in London from 28 Oct to 31 Dec. Each showing has been designed for intimate groups of 2 to 4 people max who will “descend into the dark underbelly of modern day espionage to lift the lid on a centuries-old secret, taking on a leading role as the narrative unfurls in unexpected ways.”

Creating a dynamic experience

The Drop co-creators, Swamp Motel’s Creative Directors Ollie Jones and Clem Garritty, on how they designed The Drop to make participants feel “like the main character in your own thriller movie” and “active participants in creating their own narrative”.

An immersive entertainment playbook

When it comes to crafting experiences that blur the boundaries between theatre, film and gaming, Swamp Motel definitely have form. Check out their showreel of previous experiences here.

Flipping from IRL to URL

During the pandemic, Swamp Motel had to adapt fast to survive, creating a series of virtual experiences, The Isklander Trilogy. Read our case study of how they did it here and watch the trailer opposite.

WXO Member Talks

Our Co-Founders and Founding Members sharing insights on experiences.

Experience design expert and co-author of The Experience Economy, Joe Pine, takes us back to where it all began with his talk welcoming us to The Experience Economy. (For more from Pine, check out Campfire 11: Staging Employee Experiences here.)

WXO Founder James Wallman shares the 7 secrets to spending your time in ways that lead you to be happier and more successful, as he answers the question: “Since we now know spending on experiences rather than stuff makes us happier, which experiences lead to the most happiness?’”

Focus On: The Metaverse

Videos of new experiences worth knowing about.

The $30,000,000 virtual real estate boom

It’s not only in the art world that virtual assets are selling for thousands – even millions – of dollars. Here’s your guide to Decentraland, the first DAO-based metaverse where land is selling for millions on the NFT marketplace.

Get in the virtual saddle

From the world of esports, Virtually Human Studio has been developing Zed.Run, which offers audiences the opportunity to buy digital racehorses and race them online, watched live – see this latest gathering in a NYC bar, which shows that esports can be just as shareable and participatory as physical sports, if not more so.

Ariana enters the musical metaverse

Watch pop star Ariana Grande perform to an infinite audience within an infinite venue as part of the limited-timeframe The Rift Tour, an interactive experience rolled out by timezone that allowed fans to get “up close” to a giant, shimmering avatar of the singer.

Great Scott breaks the metaverse

Before Ariana there was Travis Scott, who pulled in a global audience of 45 million for his Fortnite performance in a psychedelic, interactive game world.

New Experiences

Experiences from across the globe that we're excited about right now.

Marvel Studios’ first immersive story experience is an epic Augmented Reality adventure through time and space to discover the truth about humanity.

Jurassic Ocean is a unique scientific and entertainment exhibition with plenty of interactive zones based in Russia, bringing edutainment to gargantuan new heights.

How To Do It Better: Experience Design Insights

Tips, tools and techniques for making better experiences.

Directing VR actors

The producers of VR movie “The Severance Theory: Welcome To Respite” explain how the production worked, what the experience is, and how others can get started on similar productions.

How Meow Wolf works

Desperate to find out how something like Convergence Station gets made? Join Meow Wolf’s Co-Founder & Creative Director Caity Kennedy to learn secrets from within the award-winning company’s immersive worlds of magic and mystery.

The case for experience platforms

Forget loyalty programs: Joe Pine, co-author of The Experience Economy, makes the case for shifting loyalty programs from discounts to experiences.

Getting the most from the Peak-End Rule

It’s widely recognised that users largely judge their experience with your product or service on two data points: the peak and the end. Here’s how to use that knowledge to your advantage.

Greatest Hits

There's a lot to learn from the long-term evolution of the Experience Economy.

A recap of the first world freestyle kayaking championship in 1991.

Secret Cinema’s empire-defining event of 2015 took 100,000 people to a galaxy far, far away.