Next Up At The WXO Campfires

“Every time I make it to a Campfire, I am just astounded by the people in this group!”

…so said an experience designer in one of our recent Campfires. And we’re inclined to agree.

Every week, we have our minds blown by our speakers and the conversations that follow – and Season 4 so far has been no different.

If you haven’t yet joined us, you’ve already missed:

  • Attractions designer Michael Badelt on designing Trojan Horse experiences

  • Experience Economy Godfather Joe Pine on how to design for transformation

  • Crowdsourced conversations on passion projects and epic fails

… as well as editions on what we can learn from our failures, how experience creators and producers can best work together, and how positive psychology impacts photography. Check out the full archive of reports here.

Motion by Brian Chorski

Fortunately, we’ve still got these incredible sessions coming up:

1 JUNE: A crowd-sourced session on how to build brilliant beginnings

8 JUNE: Themed experience expert Cynthia Vergon on how to channel passion to create better experiences

15 JUNE: Experience designer, tutor and trainer Pigalle Tavakkoli shares her Experience Design Building Blocks and Experience Design Triple Diamond frameworks

22 JUNE: How does Meow Wolf make immersive art enjoyable for those who can’t see it? Theri art guide in Denver, Beth Rypkema, explains how to create experiences that are accessible to all

29 JUNE: Tiny Rebel Games’ Susan Cummings introduces the Petaverse in an interview with experiential marketing guru Max Lenderman

6 JULY: Best-selling author Julia Hobsbawn on reinventing employee experience in a post-pandemic world

13 JULY: Tourism and VR expert Barbara Prodinger on how to increase inspiration and retention in your experiences

20 JULY: Silicon Valley consultant and author Alex Soojung-Kim Pang on the transformative power of time well designed, and behavioural design expert Nir Eyal returns to dismantle the tools behind his best-selling book Hooked

See you round the Campfire?

Attending the WXO Campfires is for WXO members only. If you’d like to apply to join the WXO, fill out our form here and one of our membership committee will get back to you.