The WXO Experimental Campfires are a playground for experience pioneers around the world to connect, inspire, and challenge each other. In each of these Campfire reports, you'll find inspiration and information that will help you create better experiences, and become a better experience designer. We hope you enjoy them, and to see you in a Campfire soon!
Success stories can inspire us to greatness and equip us with tried-and-tested tools to help us get there. But we can learn from failures, too. We asked our experience experts to anonymously share some of the worst experiences they’ve attended, as well as some of their own biggest flops. 
In the spirit of experimentation, for this week’s Campfire we decided to do our first two-parter, following on from last week’s discussion of the difference between services and experiences. We invited members of our Founding Circle to go a little deeper by thinking about how we can take a service, mess around with it, and upgrade it into a true experience.